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New Release: iCopyBot for Mac & iCopyBot for Windows 7.2.6 at 2011/04/22

.Transfer artworks from iPod to iTunes.
.Transfer camera roll photo and voice memo from iPad, iPod, iPhone to computer.
.Transfer from iPad, iPod, iPhone to Mac.

V 6.2.5 build 3195 at 2010/10/31

.Transfer books from iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes.
.Transfer music, video and photo from iPad to computer.
.Compatible with iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4, iPod Nano 6.
.Compatible with Windows 7 64-bit and iTunes 10.0.1.

V 5.0.0 build 2521 at 2010/02/02

.Change product name from iPod to Computer Transfer to iCopyBot for iPod & iPhone, if you already installed the old program, please uninstall it before install the new one.
.Transfer Music from iPod Touch & iPhone with OS 3.1.3 to iTunes 9.0.3.

V 4.8.3 build 2507 at 2009/10/12

.Transfer music from iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch with OS 3.1.0 to iTunes 9.0.0.
.Support multiple iTunes music library.
.Support iPhone 3GS and iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPod Touch with OS 3.0.
.Compatible with iTunes version 8.2.1.
.Try to pair iPhone with computer if it not paired.
.Bug Fixed: Dead lock at hardware error when transfer music from iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Video.

V 4.6.0 build 2404 at 2009/06/05

.Add an option for organize songs by album.
.Compatible with iTunes version 8.2.
.Bug Fixed: missing files when iTunes popup a prompt window.
.Optimize performance for transferring photos from iPod Video, iPod Classic, iPod Nano 3/4 and iPhone.
.Support iPod Shuffle 4G.
.Bug Fixed: Error occurred when transfer large amount photos from iPod to computer.

V 4.2.0 build 2291 at 2009/02/09

.Get Photos off iPod / iPhone to computer folder.
.Support iPod Nano 4.
.Eject duplicate files when add to iTunes 's library.
.Rebuilt user interface.

History of iVideoBot

New Release: V6.0.0 build 3225 at 2010/02/02

.Convert video to iPad format.

V4.0 at 2009/07/16

.Upgrade video/audio encoder engine to improve the performance and support decode more video formats.
.Renew preview feature, in old version the it may display a wrong aspect ratio preview, e.g displays wide screen at 5:4 ratio, now it will display an accurate preview on the fly.
.Add a new audio output bit rate: 96kbps.
Special thanks to: Ian Bateson

V3.8 at 2009/04/09

.Upgrade video/audio decoder and encoder engine, some bug fixed and the performance improved.
.Add a new option, you can let the program keep the aspect ratio of converted video or not. (Default setting is .Keep Aspect Ratio.).

V3.7.0 at 2009/01/20

.Upgrade video/audio encoder engine to improve the performance.
.Show audio stream language of VOB video file from DVD movie disk.