Home - Frequently Asked Questions of iPod to Computer Transfer Software

Q: Can I try iCopyBot iPod to Computer Transfer before I buy it?
A: Yes. You can download a 7-day trial version here.

Q: How can I purchase iCopyBot iPod to Computer Transfer?
A: Our secure order form is on here.

Q: What happens after I order iCopyBot iPod to Computer Transfer?
A: You'll receive registration information by email in just a few minutes.

Q: I typed the license code. Why did iCopyBot iPod to Computer Transfer say that my registration info is invalid?
A: Try again, but cut and paste the information next time, to avoid typing errors. Don't include any spaces before or after the registration name and registration code. Read more detail about how to register iCopyBot

Q: How much do program upgrades cost?
A: They're free, forever.

Q: I have a question that isn't listed on your FAQ. How can I get an answer?
A: Please contact our support team. We're happy to help you!

Q: And are they Windows Vista & Windows 7 compatible?
A: Yes! Our software are 100 % Windows Vista & Windows 7 compatible!

Q: Can I legally use a program on several computers with just one license?
A: You can use a license on as many computers as you personally own.
This includes all the computers of a small family living under the same roof and your computer at work, if it is primarily used only by you.

Q: Will iCopyBot iPod to Computer Transfer protect my iPod against unwanted iTunes synchronizations?
A: If your iTunes is version 7.0 or later, the anwser is Yes. Your iPod will be protected against unwanted automatic detection, synchronization or deletion by iTunes, as soon as you open iCopyBot iPod to Computer Transfer.

Q: Can I use iCopyBot iPod to Computer Transfer to take songs off a friend's iPod to store them on my computer?
A: Only if these songs are not copyright protected.

Q: My iPod is not detected / recognized by iCopyBot iPod to Computer Transfer, what should I do?
A: Please read About connect iPod to your computer first.

Q: I am a Mac user ; will I be able to use your products?
A: Yes, iCopyBot have both PC version and Mac version, you can download and install them from http://www.icopybot.com/download.htm.

Q: When I start transfer file to iTunes, it says can not create destination folder, what should I do?
A: Please read access authority when transfer from iPod to iTunes.