How to get my music off my iPod Touch?

For some model of iPods, like iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Nano and so on, we can switch to “Disk Use” mode to turn it into a harddriver, then get songs off iPod (not the best way, we will talk about it later). But for iPod Touch (someone call it iTouch, but a lot of iPod funs hate to call it iTouch) and iPhone, have no “Disk Use” mode, then, how to get music off iPod Touch or iPhone?

Here I list three ways to get music off iPod Touch (also works for iPhone and iPhone 3G):
First way, also the most easy way, is using our program iPod to iTunes Transfer.

  • 1. Download and install iPod to iTunes Transfer.
  • 2. run it and connect your iPod Touch (or iPhone / iPhone 3G) to computer, the program will list all contents of you iPod Touch.
  • 3. click “Copy to Folder” or “Copy to iTunes” button and waitting for all things done!

    • Easy to use.
    • Safety, it will auto disable iTunes to sync your iPod Touch, so you not to afraid to lost your music.
    • Not only get music, but also videos and pictures, and the filename are in organized.
    • Not only get files off iPod Touch, can also transfer playlists back to your iTunes library!


    • Only works unser Windows system now, can not run on Mac OS.
    • You have to pay US$19.95 for it.

Second way, is use a free program called iphonebrowser.

  • 1. Download and install Self-extracting Installation.
  • 2. Connect your iPod Touch to computer, if iTunes starts you must hold down both the Shift + Ctrl keys to prevent iTunes from auto-syncing with your iPod. If you don’t do so, iTunes may automatically erase the contents of your iPod.
  • 3. Launch iphonebrowser and navigate to “iTunes_Control/Music” then right click the Music folder and select “Save Folder In”, then specify a target directory.

    • Easy to use too, but look not so better.
    • Free!


    • Not so safety, you must disable iTunes to sync your iPod manually.
    • The copyed files name should be asd234.mp3 and such things.
    • Can only copy the music files.

Thrid way, the most powerful way, also the most complex way, the most danger way, yes, it is “jailbreak” your iPod Touch or iPhone. Many information on the Internet, I do not want talk it more detail, just Google it.


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