New Release: iBackupBot for Mac

We are so excited to announce out latest release, iBackupBot for Mac. iBackupBot for Mac is the ultimate solution to any obstacle you face when it comes to browsing, editing and transferring any files backed up to your iTunes library. With iBackupBot, you can retain your files and settings when transferring files between computers and mobile devices such as the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad.

iBackupBot builds upon the success of our iCopyBot software by allowing users to customize their settings, data transfers and even their call histories. Not only are you now able to share files easily with friends and family, you’ll also be able to decide what you want to keep by export to computer. iBackupBot comes with a built-in contacts editor, notes editor and even a plist editor for maximum customization capabilities. You can remove a single call string from your phone’s history, you can edit your game data, or you can ensure all your data and settings are preserved if you ever need to retrieve them.

Best of all, we’ll let you take iBackupBot for a trial run to see if you like the software. If you like it, let us know! We’re in the business of helping you get the most out of your mobile devices.

iBackupBot is compatible with OSX 10.5 or higher, please download it from here and have a try.

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2 Responses to “New Release: iBackupBot for Mac”

  1. P says:

    Running Mac OSX 10.5.8.
    Downloaded iBackupBot for Mac.
    Can’t install though as at the second step of the installer “Select a Destination” the Macintosh HD drive on the right is grayed out and can’t be selected so the Continue button is likewise grayed out and can’t be selected!

    Help how can I install please?

    PS – it says 13.4 MB space required and I have over 3GBs free. . .

  2. anon says:

    Please add a Donate button to the site (preferably not Paypal, which is evil).