Change iPhone carrier name and time string without jailbreaking

As we know, we have to “JailBreak” our iPhone/iPod Touch to change carrier name and time string. But with iTunes Backup Manager, we can do this without jailbreaking.

Please follow these steps:
1.Run iTunes, connect your iPhone/iPod Touch, when its name appears in iTunes, right click it and select “Back Up”.

2.Close iTunes, run iTunes Backup Manager, select your iPhone/iPod Touch name in left tree pane, find Library/Preferences/ in right list pane and double click it. carrier-name-1

3.Find first tag in the plist Editor window, enter follow contents:

<string>your carrier name</string>
<string>your time string</string>


4.Select main menu->File->Restore, select Restore only modified file(s) and press OK, wait few minutes til the restore success. carrier-name-3

5.Your iPhone will restart automatically and the carrier name and time string changed: carrier-name-4 More iPod/iPhone related software please visit our home page about how to transfer music from ipod to computer.

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One Response to “Change iPhone carrier name and time string without jailbreaking”

  1. Sachit says:

    How do u do it without timestring
    And by closing iTunes do u mean minimize iTunes ???

    Plz help